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Law Library to move to shared systems with University Libraries.

In June 2023, The William A. Wise Law Library and the University of Colorado Boulder University Libraries are moving to a shared library services platform called FOLIO to manage the libraries’ resources and materials. The LSP is an essential library technology. It enables libraries to lend items, manage electronic resources, and populate a library catalog.

Cybercrime, an Elusive Target

Hello Law Buffs and Calves!

Have you ever had a virus on your PC or a web account hacked? What about something worse like having your identity stolen or a bank account compromised? Cybercrime is an increasingly real threat to individuals and organizations as the world becomes more digitally connected by the day, and cybercrime laws are trying to keep up.

Today we share 6 interesting sources for cybercrime articles, cases, and laws.

Animals Have Rights, Too!

Greetings Law Buffs and Calves!

As we sit down with our furry friends at the end of a long day, we may ask ourselves: how protected are our animals and their rights under the law? There happens to be a large body of law covering animals and animal rights and today we share 10 interesting reports, articles, cases, and laws covering just that!