You've Graduated from Law School but not from the Law Library

Even though you have graduated from law school, you can still use the law library.  You can use our print and electronic resources including most of our subscription databases.  We provide public access to Westlaw, NexisUni, and Bloomberg Law.  These services include access to the Shepard's and KeyCite services and to federal and some state court dockets.  We have eight computers for public use.  You can print and scan documents.  And if you bring a USB storage device, you can download many documents in the PDF file format.  If you'd prefer to work on your own computer, we provide wireless Internet access so you can stay connected with your clients and office.

You are Part of the Law Library Even if You are Far Away from Boulder

If you cannot come to Boulder, you can still take advantage of the library's services and collections.  While you can't access any of our subscription databases remotely, you can search our catalog for materials.  You can request copies of articles and excerpts from books using our Document Delivery service.  We can send you the document you need in the PDF file format, usually by the next business day. 

Research Librarians are Standing By

Most importantly, the research librarians are available to help with your research needs.  They can assist you in getting started on a complicated problem or help you formulate just the right search terms in an appropriate database to find the authority you need.

Next Steps

If you no longer have a library account, please contact the Circulation Desk to have one created for you the next time you visit the law library.  Until then, please search our catalog and utilize our services.