Reserving a Group Study Room

Group Study Room Policy

Group Study Rooms are to be used by two or more individuals needing to engage in quiet conversation.

  • Only law students may reserve a group study room. Groups of non-law students may use a group study room that is not otherwise occupied, but must yield that room to a group of law students who reserve the group study room at the next available time slot.
  • A law student group may reserve a Group Study Room for up to two consecutive (or non-consecutive) one hour time slots per day. If no other group reserves the room after that time, the law students may continue to occupy the group study room until another group reserves the room for the next available time slot.
  • If a group fails to show up within 15 minutes of their reserved time, the group forfeits the room for that time slot, and another group may occupy the room.

When finished using the room, groups are asked to erase the blackboards, close the windows, throw away their trash, and straighten the chairs.

Group Study Room Reservation Calendar