A Public Place, A Friendly Space
The University of Colorado Law Library is a public library.  Although our first priority is to serve the students, faculty and staff at the University of Colorado law school and community, our collections and services are also available to members of the general public.  The law library provides a quiet place to conduct your legal research.  While you are at the library, you can use any of our legal resources. Access includes both print and online resources. The law library provides versions of Westlaw and NexisUni (a LexisNexis product) for onsite use.  We are the largest law library in the Rocky Mountain Region. 


While providing access to all legal and non-legal materials typically held by academic law libraries, the Wise Law Library has especially rich collections of Colorado law, natural resources law, intellectual property law, and Native American law.  The law library is also a partial federal government depository library, and provides access to many government publications.

Research Services 

The law library is staffed by several experienced research librarians who are generally available during weekday hours.  While they cannot provide legal advice to you, they are available to help you locate appropriate resources for your legal research.  You can schedule an appointment by calling 303-492-7534; accessing our help options; or simply ask for one of them when you are at the law library.

Online Resources 

The law library's catalog is available to search by anyone anywhere.

Document Delivery Services 

If you are unable to visit the law library, you can still obtain materials from the law library.  We offer a document delivery service in which you can have articles, statutes, cases, and book excerpts sent to you.  Usually, the documents can be sent the next business day.  There is a fee for the service.

Visiting the Law Library and Contacting Us 

We welcome you to the law library.  If you are considering visiting us, please check our hours when planning your trip.  We also encourage you to bring a USB storage device.  You can download many documents in the PDF file format to your USB storage device.  Scanning documents is free of charge but there is a fee for printing.  For additional information or questions, please contact us.