Wise Words

Call for Papers

The 11th Annual Boulder Conference on Legal Information: Scholarship & Teaching has announced its call for papers on “All Aspects of Legal Information.” The draft must be more than an outline, but need not be in publishable form (between 6 and 10 pages). Drafts can be sent via email to Susan Nevelow Mart, susan.mart@colorado.edu. The work should focus on an aspect of (1) The use or teaching of legal information; (2) An aspect of information retrieval; (3) Law and policy; (4) Information access issues; or (5) Practice issues.

Georgia Briscoe Retires

Georgia Briscoe retired from the University of Colorado Law Library in January after 27 years of service to the law library and 45 years of service to the profession.  She served the law library and law school with distiction, managing the law library's collection and providing access to its materials. She will be missed.

Connie Fields wins Staff Award

Connie Fields won the law school's Get It Done Award for diligently cataloging and classifying over 600 HeinOnline electronic serials bib records over the past several months while continuing to keep up with her other job duties.  She received the award at the law school holiday party in December.  Congratulations, Connie!