Law Library Fellow


Since 2012, the law library has sponsored a fellow program which provides valuable training and experience to a newer librarian, and enables the library to pursue innovative projects. Such projects include the digitization of the David H. Getches Collection, a redesign of the law library website, the development of an online collection of Colorado Session Laws, and the creation of legal research guides. The fellow also contributes to the rich body of legal research instruction provided by the law library, and helps develop new pedagogical approaches.

Below you may find information about our past and current fellows, as well as a link to application information for the fellowship program at the Colorado Law William A. Wise Law Library.

Past Fellows

(2021-2022)Cody James (2021-2022)

Current Position: Reference Librarian, University of Michigan Law Library
Cody's thoughts on his fellowship: The fellowship at the William A. Wise Law Library is the perfect complement to a Master’s in Library Science program. On multiple occasions, I had the opportunity to directly apply the theories I was learning in my masters to the actual practice of law librarianship. And thanks to the supportive team here at the library, I learned necessary skills that I will use throughout my career. I would highly recommend this fellowship to any new law librarian who is looking for an informative and collaborative community in which to begin their career! 

(2020-2021)Aamir Abdullah (2019-2021)

Current Position: Instructional Services & Reference Law Librarian, University of Colorado Law School, William A. Wise Law Library
Aamir's thoughts on his fellowship: The William A. Wise Law library Law Library Fellow position is an elite finishing school to tie everything learned in an MLIS program together. The position afforded me the ability to gain hands-on learning experience with working: 1) at the both the reference and circulation desk, 2) with students as a TA for multiple legal research classes, 3) on unique projects that used my prior work and school training to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 4) much more. I enjoyed the fellowship. And, I recommend the fellowship for new law librarians who want an opportunity to learn more about the field while simultaneously working on innovative self-paced projects.

2019-2020 Kian Pakdel (2019-2020)

Current Position: Research & Instruction, Foreign and International Law Specialist, Lewis & Clark Law School, Paul L. Boley Library  
Kian's thoughts on his fellowship: The fellowship at Wise Law Library is a great opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas. The exceptional number of research classes, along the willingness of the library team to collaborate, provide ample opportunity to develop teaching skills. I also found the fellowship particularly helpful for refining my reference strategies. Because the team at Wise provides the fellow the freedom to work on special projects,  I recommend the position for new law librarians with innovative ideas to bring to the profession.

2018-2019Gerard Fowke (2018-19)

Current Position: Digital Services Librarian, Georgia State University Law Library
Gerard's thoughts on his fellowship: During my fellowship at the Wise Law Library, I've developed an extensive law librarianship skillset. Instead of focusing on a single area, I have gained experience and expertise in areas that are sometimes siloed, such as reference, instruction, and digital services. It was an especially enriching experience due to the way these skills tend to inform one another, leading to unexpected insights and making me a better librarian. More than that, the librarians here have been extraordinary mentors and colleagues, and I've gained immensely from our relationships. It's a fantastic library and a great place to work!

2017-2018Kerri Rowe (2017-18)

Current Position: Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Reference Librarian, University of North Carolina School of Law, Kathrine R. Everett Law Library
Kerri's thoughts on her fellowship: When I applied for the fellowship, I was seriously considering a career in law librarianship, but had not yet begun my library degree. Through the fellowship, I had the incredible opportunity to experience what it truly meant to be a law librarian and experience all aspects of the position. You are given the chance to do as much as you want and are able to do with the full support and guidance of the extremely knowledgeable and kind library staff. I learned so much in this position and am so grateful for everything the amazing librarians have taught me. 

(2016-2017)John Scherrer (2016-17)

Current Position: Reference and Outreach Services Librarian, George Mason University, Antonin Scalia Law School
John's thoughts on his fellowship: Everything my predecessors said is true: the fellowship is a unique oppurtunity for new law librarians to learn from talented colleagues who will emphasize your professional development. I feel fortunate to have had the fellowship experience and proud to be an alum of the program. Susan says Wise is a "destination library"and that's not just because of the mountains. Aside from the obvious benefits to one's career in librarianship, the Wise Law Library faculty and staff are funny, smart, and welcoming. I had never worked in a more supportive environment. After transitioning from practicing law to law librarianship, the fellowship confirmed for me that I had made the right decision.

2015-2016Amelia Landenberger (2015-16)

Current Position: Legal Information Librarian, Boston University,  Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries  
Amelia’s thoughts on her fellowship: The fellowship is a great way to gain experience in law librarianship.  The position is special because it’s flexible and able to be tailored to the fellow’s specific interests.  There’s an opportunity for teaching legal research and working on special projects in addition to the opportunity to gain experience with reference services.  The biggest benefit is the support for the fellow’s professional development.  This isn’t just an opportunity to watch and learn, it’s the chance to learn by doing.  The fellow takes an active role in the library’s operations and can gain experience in all aspects of the library.

2014-2015Scott Uhl (2014-15)

Current Position: Technology Innovation & Reference Librarian, University of Minnesota Law School
Scott’s thoughts on his fellowship: It is increasingly difficult to find truly entry-level work in law libraries, and even more difficult to find an entry-level position that actually provides valuable experience in the field.  That is what makes this fellowship such an incredible opportunity for new and aspiring law librarians.  During my fellowship, I had the opportunity to be involved in the full range of roles law librarians take on, from reference and instruction to collection development to acquisitions to digitization projects.  I was able to work under the mentorship of more senior librarians, while being treated as an equal contributor.  It was perhaps not until I began searching for a new position at the end of the fellowship that I realized what a rich background of experience my fellowship provided me, and there is no doubt at all that I would never have been offered my current position without it.  It's a rare and special program, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a law librarian.

2012Erik Beck (2012)

Current Position: Head of Library Systems & Information Technology Services, California State University-Sacramento
Erik’s thoughts on his fellowship: The Wise Law Library is really a special place for me.  There is a culture of innovation and collaboration here that is unlike anywhere else in the country.  I work on projects that are unique in the field of law librarianship.  My co-workers are some of the smartest in the profession.  Susan and the other directors are the best mentors anyone could ask for.  Applying for the Wise Law Library Fellowship was probably the best career move I’ll ever make.

Applying for the Fellowship

We are accepting applications for the next fellow to start in July 2022.  Review the job description for complete details.