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Wise Law Library - Federal Depository Library Materials Collection Development Policy [pdf]

Gov Docs Coordinator: Lauren Seney
Telephone: (303) 492-7312
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Federal Depository Library Policies

This library is a congressionally designated selective depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)

Access Policy

The Law Library is open to everyone, including law and non-law students, alumni and the general public. No I.D. is required to enter the building or library, however, non-university users must present I.D. and apply for a library card if they wish to check out materials.

Public Services Policy for Government Documents

Reference service includes assisting all patrons to locate government resources in the library's collection and in other depository libraries. Reference service is provided at the same level for U.S. government information and all other information, regardless of format.

The library provides no-fee, unfiltered Internet access to all patrons for research use. The library limits online research sessions to 1/2 hour when other patrons are waiting. Patrons must bring their own USB storage devices if they wish to save electronic copies of government documents. Black and white printing is provided using a fee-for-print system that applies to all patrons. Public workstations are provided equally to all patrons.

The library provides topical research pages that include links to government electronic resources. The library also provides access to commercially produced directories of electronic government information. Reference librarians provide individual research guidance and training on specific resources, e.g., Federal Digital System (FDsys), Thomas.

FDLP Internet Use Policy

Patrons may access the Internet to conduct legal research from any public workstation in the library. Legal research includes accessing the entire FDLP electronic collection and other databases that the library may make available. These workstations are unfiltered. There are no age or residency restrictions required for patrons to gain access to the library.

This policy is based on Depository Library Public Service Guidelines For Government Information in Electronic Formats, originally published in 20(2) ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES (1999) (updated 2003), available at .