3 Reasons Why You Should Take Foundations of Legal Research

Foundations of legal research is an introductory course that teaches students how to conduct research within the American Legal System. The class covers researching statutes, cases, and regulations, as well as other topics. One goal of the class is to teach students how to successfully complete the problem-centered research that they will conduct during their internships and when they are in practice.

1.       Legal research is a vital skill for your summer internships

A large part of what law students do during their summer internships is legal research. Especially because 1Ls cannot practice law, they are often given legal research and writing assignments during their internships. By taking foundations of legal research, you can help build these vital skills and be better prepared for your summer jobs.

2.       Legal research is a bedrock lawyering skill

Lawyers are not computers that know every single law, regulation, or case off the top of their heads. When posed with a legal question, lawyers have to look at the law to find the applicable statutes or cases for their specific set of facts. Even experienced attorneys have to do research because the law is ever changing. In fact, if a lawyer fails to do adequate research on a legal matter it can be construed as malpractice! 

3.       Foundations of legal research teaches practical skills

Outside of 1L legal writing classes, foundations of legal research is one of the first opportunities to learn practical legal skills. What you learn in foundations of legal research will be directly used in your internships and your future practice. Foundations of legal research is your opportunity to take those first steps into learning the day-to-day skills that you will need to know to be a successful attorney.