Rare Book Room Policy

In order to allow reasonable access to the Rare Books Room collection while protecting the unique and/or fragile contents of the collection, the Rare Books Room policy and procedures are as follows.

Access to Material

The items in the Rare Books Room (RBR) do not circulate to anyone.  Any exceptions to this must be cleared with the Director of the Law Library, including for law faculty and staff.  The resources in the RBR collection are available while a reference librarian is on duty.

Patrons should inform the Reference Librarian on duty that he or she needs an item located in the RBR. The Reference Librarian will:

        • Retrieve the key from the Reference Librarian’s office (currently in the Head of Reference’s office, behind the Circulation desk);
        • Obtain the bibliographic information from the patron;
        • Take a picture ID from the patron, which will be retained while the RBR item is in use;
        • Retrieve the item  from the RBR stacks. 


    Usage of Materials

    Except for law faculty, all patrons must use the RBR item at the Reference Desk. Law faculty may use the items in the RBR Reading Room or at the Reference Desk. Once the patron is finished using the item, he or she should inform the Reference Librarian who will:

      • Take the RBR item back from the patron;
      • Return the patron’s picture ID; and
      • Return the item to the RBR.


      Photocopying and Scanning

      The Reference Librarian will discuss the condition of the RBR item with the requesting patron, including whether the item can be photocopied.  Patrons may photocopy pages from RBR items if the RBR items are in good condition and using the photocopy machine will not damage the materials, including the binding.  If the item is not in good condition, the Librarian must inform the patron that the item cannot be photocopied. 


      Rare Book Room Usage

      The RBR Reading Room is not available for use as a group study room.