RA Training Courses

Training Session Descriptions and Registration Form

There are FOUR training sessions covering different subjects.

CAMPUS (NORLIN) LIBRARY RA TOUR – Librarian Cynthia Keller, Learning Coordinator, Arts & Humanities at Norlin Library, will conduct a 1-hour tour of their collection for law research assistants. Her tour will emphasize how to find materials in Norlin, how to copy and check out materials in professors' names, how to request materials from their off-site storage facility, and descriptions of the different libraries and collections within the Norlin building of interest to law research assistants (government publications, science, periodicals, reference, book stacks, archives, etc.).  Meet Ms. Keller inside the east entrance to Norlin Library OR meet Jane in the lounge outside the entrance to the Law Library 20 minutes ahead of the Norlin tour, and we can walk over together.

LAW LIBRARY RA TRAINING - Prof. Frederic Bloom or Prof. Ahmed White, Associate Dean for Research will introduce the session by covering faculty expectations and best practices of student research assistants. Jane Thompson from the Wise Law Library will discuss RA protocols and procedures (checking out, photocopying, or printing books or documents for your professor, obtaining professor checkout privileges at campus libraries, requesting materials via interlibrary loan, etc.). She will talk about stages of the research process, how to develop a research plan, and how to use the Law Library's resources effectively. This session will last 1½ hours.

BLOOMBERG LAW TRAINING - Michael Calder from Bloomberg Law will conduct an introductory class that covers content, searching, and features of the Bloomberg Law research system. The session will include information on how to obtain a Bloomberg Law logon. This session will last 45 minutes. [lunch is provided]

LEXISNEXIS/WESTLAW RA TRAINING – Lynn Pinnekamp from LexisNexis and Jeff Brandimarte from Westlaw, will conduct a refresher class that covers summer password extension and emphasizes the kinds of searches that are typical for RAs. This session will last 1 hour. [lunch is provided]

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