Law Library Collections

Scope and Size

The primary objective of the University of Colorado Law Library is to develop a collection and systems of access to resources that support the curriculum and research needs of its primary audience – the faculty, students, and staff of the University of Colorado School of Law – and meet the standards of both the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools. The collection consists of approximately 850,000 volumes and volume equivalents, and over 330,000 titles in other formats. The collection surpasses the requirements set forth in the American Bar Association Standards for Approval of Law Schools .  Consequently, the collection contains a complete collection of primary legal resources in print or electronic format from all United States jurisdictions, treatises and monographs, legal periodicals, and reference materials as well as foreign and international law resources.

Serving Colorado

The law library also serves members of the Colorado Bar and general public. To this end, the law library houses a comprehensive collection of current and historical Colorado legal materials. This collection includes a complete set of Colorado statutes, dating back to The Revised Statutes of Colorado (Territorial Code of 1868). It also includes the published cases and briefs of the Colorado Supreme Court and Colorado Court of Appeals; regulations promulgated by Colorado administrative agencies; and various Colorado practice materials.

Continuing Legal Education Resources

The law library also collects Continuing Legal Education (CLE) materials. The collection consists mostly of the printed handouts accompanying the CLE presentation, but it does include a limited number of audio-visual resources. While these resources cannot be used to acquire CLE credit, they serve as reference materials.


The Law Library appreciates the donation of gift materials. As a general rule, the Law Library only accepts donations that are without conditions on their use or disposal. The Technical Services Librarian, in consultation with the Law Library Director, and with other librarians as necessary, determines the disposition of all gift materials based on the evaluation criteria used for all other acquisitions. The Law Library will determine the classification, housing, and circulation of all gift items, and it retains the right to dispose of gifts at any time and in any manner deemed appropriate. To make a donation, please contact the library at 303-492-7534.