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Colorado law faculty scholarship

Colorado Law Faculty Scholarship Collection

This Collection features full-text journal and magazine articles and book reviews published and authored by permanent and emeriti faculty of the University of Colorado Law School . It also contains faculty research data that underlie studies published in journal articles or working papers.

Getches Wilkinson Center

Getches-Wilkinson Center Collection

The Getches-Wilkinson Center Collection is a collaborative effort of the William A. Wise Law Library and the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment at the University of Colorado Law School. It features current and historical documents and videos produced by the GWC (2013-) and its predecessors, the Natural Resources Law Center (NRLC, 1980-2012) and the Center for Energy & Environmental Security (CEES, 2007-2012; formerly, Energy and Environmental Security Initiative (EESI, 2003-2006)).

Colorado Session Laws

Colorado Session Laws

This digital collection contains the session laws enacted by the Colorado Legislature starting with the first session of the Colorado Territorial Government in 1861.  The William A. Wise Law Library has digitized the official session law volumes with permission from the State of Colorado.  Each session law and each part of the session law volumes is presented as an individual document.  Researchers can locate these documents using both basic and advanced search options.  Construction of the collection is ongoing and new years are being added every month. Currently, the collection contains years 1861 - 1992.

Arizona v California

Arizona v. California Collection

The Arizona v. California Collection at the William A. Wise Law Library contains more than 170 full-text, searchable pleadings, briefs, orders, transcripts, and reports from the historic, 12-year original proceeding in the U.S. Supreme Court filed by the State of Arizona against the State of California, which sought to clarify rights to the use of Colorado River basin water. The case culminated in a June 3, 1963 decision, reported in Arizona v. California, 373 U.S. 546, which was implemented by a March 9, 1964 decree, reported in Arizona v. California, 376 U.S. 340.

Getches Collection

David H. Getches Collection

The David H. Getches Collection at the William A. Wise Law Library is dedicated to preserving and sharing Dean Getches’ tremendous legal and educational legacy, as reflected in his scholarship, academic speeches, congressional testimony, and litigation.