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Phrase search: Enclose your phrase in quotation marks to search a phrase. Your results will be sorted by DATE. Example: "nimmer on copyright"
Keyword search: Words entered without quotes will be searched individually. Your results will be grouped by RELEVANCE, with the newest titles first. Example: nimmer copyright
Truncation: Example: copy* property
You can use * to extend a word or words in your search. Results will be grouped by RELEVANCE, with the newest titles first.
Sorting results: You can change the sort order of your results on the results page - click on the order you prefer in the cream-colored bar near the top of the screen.
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Search Tips
Wildcards Words may be right-hand truncated using an asterisk ('*') in place of other characters. The '*' wildcard may also be embedded in a search string. You may use '?' to replace a single character anywhere within a word.
Examples : environment* polic*, wom?n
Boolean Operators Use "and" or "or" to specify multiple words in any field, any order. Use "and not" to exclude words.
Example : stocks and bonds
Example : (alaska or canada) and (adventure and not vacation)
Field limits A field limit causes the system to search only the specified field for the specified word(s).
Grouping Keyword search results are usually grouped by relevance to bring the most likely titles to the top of the list. Each group represents a similar level of relevance and results are sorted within the group by date or title. To get an ungrouped result set, use boolean operators to form a complex query.