"What you say?" - Imogen Heap

Good morning allof you Law Buffs and calfs,

Below are 10 articles that came out last week that we, at the William A. Wise Law Library, think y’all will enjoy. As Will Rogers once wrote, “[t]he minute you read something and you can’t understand it you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer.” These articles come from the ABA, AALL, vLEX, and/or Law360 newsletters.


Introduction: "When creating a law school outline, writing a research memo, or formatting any structured document, some steps tend to be tedious. Thankfully, by following a few tips, a program like Microsoft Word can make this process efficient and flexible. In this post, we share tips on creating course outlines and structured documents, focusing on technical features."

"Among attorneys who have the highest billing rates, Asian and white practitioners charge more than Black, Hispanic and Latino lawyers, illustrating possible disparities in how firms treat those practitioners, according to data released Wednesday."

Excerpt: "Being an advocate for open access can have as broad and varied a meaning as the many different approaches, definitions, motivations, and pathways to it. The important thing is that we are thinking about and working towards a future with better accessibility, availability, and discoverability of the law and legal information. An OA advocate for legal information can (and should) appreciate multiple perspectives and the complexity of the ever-changing OA publishing environment."

"A Koch Industries affiliate and a Texas power plant operator have settled a Delaware Chancery Court contract dispute over Koch's demand for a $286 million windfall payment triggered by Texas' catastrophic deep freeze in February, a day ahead of dismissal arguments."

"In deciding these cases, the Court could determine if a large swath of Oklahoma lies within the tribe’s reservation boundaries."

"ABA pushes to improve legal process in adult system in aftermath of pop star’s conservatorship case"

Summary: "Microsoft Word is a wildly popular word processor, but there are plenty of people who don't love it. Whether this is because of cost, access, or preference, not everyone is a Word fan. There are many other options if you know where to look. Here are several alternatives to Microsoft Word that you might not know about."

"Cannabis social equity advocates took the stage at the American Bar Association International Law Section's Global Business of Cannabis Conference in Denver Thursday morning to ask attorneys to apply their expertise and their firms' resources to bring about transformative policy changes."

Excerpt: "First, the not-so-nice news: with continued disruptions to both the global supply chain and the postal service, holiday shopping will present additional challenges this year. Experts recommend advance planning, especially for expected shipping delays. However, there's still time to find a great holiday gift! Since 2009, the Goodson Blogson has scoured the internet to find gift ideas that are suitable for the law students and lawyers in your life."