The Short List

Good morning, 

See below are 11 interesting articles that came out last week. These articles came from the AALL Newsletter, the ABA Newsletter, Law360, the Wallstreet Journal, and vLex. Enjoy!

Introduction: "A new tool,, is offering Milwaukee residents the opportunity to connect with free legal help, rental assistance and other resources to reduce evictions. The new tool comes months after Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley signed a historic bill that established a Right to Counsel program in Milwaukee County."

Introduction: "There are plenty of lesser-known Microsoft Word features that you should know about if you want to be truly proficient with the software. Here are some advanced Microsoft Word features that can make your work and life easier."

Excerpt: "Aware plans to use the funding to continue expanding its technology, which today is focused mainly on monitoring text-based conversations on company messaging platforms like Slack, Teams and Workplace (Facebook’s enterprise-focused service) for things like legal compliance, confidential information sharing, sentiment, toxic behavior, and harassment. [Aware CEO Jeff Schumann] said the plan is both to extend this to other mediums like video — Zoom and other videoconferencing tools being so critical these days in the workplace — as well as to continue enhancing the natural-language and other tools that it has to improve detection and responsiveness. Aware is playing in an interesting, but often contentious, area of enterprise IT."

Introduction: "Review, connect, and practice: three words that summarize what we consider the keys to success in law school. They work hand in hand–each step reinforces the others, ultimately creating a solid understanding of the building blocks, the big picture, and the application to different scenarios."

Introduction: "Everyone welcome’s a crystal ball. The second anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns is only a few months away. Law firms which had been resisting remote staffing trends adapted to the virtual workplace overnight. The urgency of D&I initiatives moved to the forefront. Entire new subspecialties emerged in legal practice."

"Senate Democrats have reintroduced language to a defense spending bill that would expedite research into medical uses of cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD."

Introduction: "In her new book Library of Misremembered Books, Marina Luz creates new book covers from the vague and hilarious ways in which people can’t recall the exact names of books."

"Reason is out primary means of understanding the world. How does that change if machines think?"

Summary: "Seven practical tips for turning your day around."

"Federal contractors can make their own determinations on vaccination exemptions and do not need to terminate employees who refuse vaccination, according to new guidance from the Biden Administration"

Excerpt: "While most corrections systems have never provided a great deal of information about the spread of the virus in their institutions, lately it has gotten worse, researchers say. At least a half-dozen states, including Florida and Georgia as well as Texas, provide even less information than they once did, according to researchers at the University of California-Los Angeles’s COVID Behind Bars Data Project, which collects and analyzes data on the pandemic in corrections settings."