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Hey all you cool Law Buffs and law calves,

Below are 10 articles that came out last week that we hope you find interesting. All articles were pulled from the ABA Newsletter, the AALL Newsletter, the vLex Newsletter, and Law 360. Enjoy!

Introduction: "Google Translate is an amazing feat of engineering, which uses artificial intelligence to translate speech and text from a chosen language into another. In most cases, Google Translate’s own interface embedded in Google Search or on translate.google.com suffices to get some ad-hoc thing translated quickly. But in some cases, you want something more powerful and scalable to be able to translate in bulk. For coders, there’s the Translation API for instance. But what if you’re less technical, and still want to use Google Translate in a structured, more scalable environment?"

Introduction: "The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of federal agency regulations. In the course of legal research, it is sometimes necessary to see how a CFR section looked in a prior year. Many websites and databases provide access to historic editions of the CFR. The most comprehensive of these is HeinOnline, which provides PDF images of the CFR beginning with 1938. ProQuest Congressional provides HTML coverage of the CFR, also beginning with 1938. Lexis (beginning with 1981) and Westlaw (beginning with 1984) provide access to older versions of the CFR. And govinfo, the website of the GPO, provides free online access to the CFR beginning with 1997."

"Being a lawyer at the beginning of your career is incredibly stressful, but reading more can help you cope."

"We must find healthy ways to deal with the sense of anxiety pervasive in our culture right now."

"Thanks to organizations like the MSJDN, military spouses can be confident that they can grow their legal careers in many parts of the country."

Introduction: "A new tool, EvictionFreeMKE.org, is offering Milwaukee residents the opportunity to connect with free legal help, rental assistance and other resources to reduce evictions. The new tool comes months after Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley signed a historic bill that established a Right to Counsel program in Milwaukee County."

Excerpt: "The ABA Legal Technology Survey Report is the most comprehensive study available of lawyers’ actual technology use, spanning a vast range of topics from security and basic office software to technology budgets, marketing tools, and much more. The survey has been published annually for more than 20 years. The 2021 edition features five volumes, each with detailed charts, tables, and trends:"

Excerpt: "In his article, Shapiro cited the “historical scarcity” of women in the legal academy, prejudice against women law professors and the greater demands women face outside the workplace as reasons for the imbalance. But he said there is reason to believe that more women will join the ranks of most-cited legal scholars in the coming years."

Summary: "Microsoft Word is a wildly popular word processor, but there are plenty of people who don't love it. Whether this is because of cost, access, or preference, not everyone is a Word fan. There are many other options if you know where to look. Here are several alternatives to Microsoft Word that you might not know about."

Introduction: "Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki has research-backed tips for turning the familiar unpleasant emotion into a 'superpower.'"