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Good morning all you Law Buffs and Calves,

This is your friendly neighborhood law library blogger welcoming y’all back to Colorado Law! This past year has been... interesting. Hopefully this year will treat us all better. Below are 10 interesting articles from last week. These articles were pulled from either the: ABA Newsletter, AALL Newsletter, vLex Newsletter, Law360, Law Practice Magazine Newsletter, and/or Frontiers Newsletter. Enjoy!

Excerpt: “Today, the federal government only infrequently intervenes in state and local justice systems. Much of the push towards reform in the 1970s was a consequence of successful prisoners’ litigation and the court orders and consent decrees that ensued, or proactive steps taken to avoid being bound to one. In 1996, Congress passed the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), which severely restricted the ability of any incarcerated person to challenge any condition of their confinement in court. The PLRA has been accused of facilitating civil rights abuses as it further hampered the ability of federal courts to intervene and oversee matters behind bars.” 

Excerpt: “Maintaining your online and offline privacy can seem like a Herculean, or even Sisyphean, task. Never-before-heard-of companies with vaguely menacing names regularly brag about infringing upon it, and each day seems to bring with it new privacy scandals. But here's the thing: There are small and relatively painless steps you can take, right now, to protect your privacy.”

“Experts say cannabis legalization is no longer a matter of if, but how. And it's raising a lot of questions about the role of federal oversight, the autonomy of states and how to achieve social justice in a new industry.”

“International arbitration is staying busy as disputes arising amid the pandemic are well suited to be resolved through arbitration. Here, Law360 looks at the trends expected to ramp up in 2022 and beyond.”

“After a year of extraordinary signing bonuses, nearly instantaneous offers and flexible work arrangements, strong demand for talented law firm associates will continue into 2022 — with some differences between East and West Coast markets — and junior attorneys should take steps to capitalize on the opportunity, say Ru Bhatt and Summer Eberhard at Major Lindsey.”

“This video highlights the Chapter 13 means test to help practitioners determine if a consumer debtor should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.”

“Best of the ABA on display with our 10 bestselling titles of the past year — popular for the latest practice guidance from A to Z”

“Attorneys must be ever diligent in interpreting the use of wordless communications. The success of a case hinges on a single animated face sent via text message. By Heather King”

Introduction: “Whether it’s taking fruit to work (and to the bedroom!), being polite to rude strangers or taking up skinny-dipping, here’s a century of ways to make life better, with little effort involved.”

Excerpt: “As an employer, one of the best ways to gauge a person’s true character is to see the type of things they share on social media. Applicants should be well-aware by now that employers do this and to ensure that your social media presence is as professional as your physical appearance when you appear for an interview. “