Library Week 2021

Library Week 2021


Today marks the first day of Library Week 2021! In celebration of Library Week 2021, and thanks to LexisNexis, the William A. Wise Law Library will be giving out three $25 Amazon gift cards to lucky students. (LexisNexis is sponsoring the Library Week prizes!) To enter, please fill out the "Library Week Prize Form." The "Library Week Prize Form" is located under the "Enter to Win $25" tab inside the 1L Exam Prep Kit.

The 1L Exam Prep Kit is designed to help 1Ls locate all of the resources they may need to help prepare for Spring exams. These resources are available in other location around the William A. Wise Law Library website, but the guide should provide easy access to all of those resources.

Alternatively, students can participate in the Library Week festivities by physically going to the William A. Wise Law Library. We are open to CU Law students, faculty, and staff! And, we offer plenty of safe, sanitized, and quiet study spaces. See this video to get reacquainted with your law library!: .

The library provides law students with access to three subscription-based digital libraries containing study aids: Wolters Kluwer ("WK"), West Academic libraries ("West Academic"), and Lexis Digital Library. For WK and West Academic, students can create their own account using the instructions found here. (Those instructions are also located on every page of this guide that contains one of these resources.) Lexis Digital Library does not require you to create an account, and items can be linked to directly from this guide.

All CU Law students, not just 1Ls, are eligable to enter to win the $25 dollar gift card. And, all of the law librarians at the William A. Wise Law Library hope each of you find the 1L Exam Prep Kit and the physical law library helpful. Good luck as y'all prep for exams!