Book Donation

The Wise Law Library welcomes law faculty donations to the library’s collection. The library will pick up donations from a faculty member's office upon request. Faculty may contact Jane Thompson, Assistant Director for Faculty Services, or her assistant, Matt Zafiratos, to retrieve the materials.

Faculty donations of personal works (article reprints, casebooks, monographs, etc.) not held by the library will be processed for the library’s faculty archives, which are housed in the Rare Book Room. Recent faculty publications are on display in a bookcase outside of the library entrance.

All other faculty donations will be processed at the library’s discretion. If the items cannot be added to the collection because of duplication, lack of space, or other reasons, they may be offered to other libraries, sold, recycled, or discarded.

A general letter of acknowledgment and appreciation will be sent to the faculty member. This letter will include the total number of hardbound, softbound and/or periodical donations, but it will not itemize donations by title. Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1984 place the responsibility for estimating the value of donations upon the donor rather than on the recipient of the gift.