LexisNexis Printing

Guide to Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Printing

Lexis provides free printing of Lexis documents sent to one of the Lexis printers located at the law school.

Sending your print request (from any computer)

Click the "Print" link from the top of the Lexis screen. Choose either the basement copy room or the 2nd floor copy room from the pulldown menu on the printing popup screen. Please note that you must set up your own default in order to use the "Quick Print" option effectively.

Picking up your Lexis print jobs

Pick up your print job up at whichever printer you selected. Printouts may still be in the printer output tray or may have been sorted into the file trays by one of the student reps. Unclaimed print jobs will be recycled after one week.

Printing TWEN and Web Courses documents

Materials posted on TWEN (Westlaw) or Web Courses (Lexis) cannot be printed to the library's Lexis printers. For these documents, you will need to use one of the campus printers.

More Information about Printing

A handout about printing in the Law Library is available here .

Printing Problems

Problems with the Lexis printers should be reported to the Circulation Desk or to one of the student reps (hours and email addresses are posted in the 2nd floor and basement copy rooms). Or, click the link at the top of the page to send a report.

Westlaw and Bloomberg Printing

Neither Westlaw nor Bloomberg provide free printing.  Research results may be downloaded in one of several digital formats or printed to the network or attached printers.