Colorado Session Laws

1881 General Assembly

The University of Colorado law library contains a complete collection of official Colorado Session Law volumes dating from 1861 through the most recent legislative session. The law library is in the process of digitizing these session law volumes with permission from the State of Colorado. These documents are available in the pdf file format and are full text searchable. Please see the side panel for the completeness of this digital collection.

Researchers may find session laws using a variety of search options.
  1. On the Basic search tab, researchers can quickly find a session law using the year and chapter or page number of the act.
  2. On the Basic search tab, researchers can also retrieve any part of the session law volume for a single year or spanning multiple years using the Document Type option.
  3. On the Advanced search tab, researchers can locate session law documents by Title.
  4. The law library has also captured the index entries for each session law. Researchers can use the Index Subject field to search for all session laws categorized under that Index Subject entry.
  5. Finally, on the Advanced search tab, researchers can search the full text of the session laws using keywords. This search will take the researcher to the law library’s online repository where the digital copies of the session law volumes are stored.
Years available to search:

Recent sessions laws are available from the Colorado Office of Legislative Legal Services .

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