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ABA Standards
Gerding, Krakoff & Schwartz, Memo to Faculty on New ABA Standards pdf (Aug. 15, 2015).

ABA Section of Legal Education, Managing Director’s Guidance Memo on Learning Outcomes: Standards 301, 302, 314 and 315 (June 2015).
Selected Outcomes and Assessment Websites

Other Law Schools:

Learning Outcomes Database (U. of St. Thomas): "This database contains a searchable list of all law school learning outcomes that were available on law school webpages as of January 2017.  We have identified those law schools with “basic” learning outcomes – those that recite the language of Standard 302 and nothing more. We also have identified those law schools with more robust learning outcomes than required by the language of Standard 302."

St. John's University School of Law, Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World (Deborah Maranville et al. eds. 2015).  LAW STACKS KF 272 .S883 2015

Roy Stuckey et al., Best Practices for Legal Education: A Vision and A Road Map (2007).

Lori E. Shaw & Victoria L. VanZandt, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment: A Practical Guide to Measuring Institutional Effectiveness (2015).  LAW STACKS KF 272 .S538 2015
Law School Assessment (Larry Cunningham, author) -- "Practical resources and insight about assessing student learning outcomes in legal education"
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