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This short guide will direct you to helpful resources for researching federal Criminal Procedure.  At its most simple level, criminal procedure establishes the rules regulating a criminal law investigation.  Several amendments to the U.S. Constitution promulgate restrictions on government actors (e.g., the Fourth Amendment), and thus constitutional law heavily impacts criminal procedure.  In addition, Congress has enacted statutes regarding several aspects of criminal procedure, and state constitutions have addressed criminal procedure (though this guide is primarily concerned with federal law).  Here, we will highlight resources that might answer your criminal procedure research questions.
Primary Sources
Part II of Title 18 covers criminal procedure, and Part V of Title 28 also addresses procedure issues. 

Further, the Rules Enabling Act of 1934 gives authority to the Superme Court to promulgate rules for federal courts.  The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure govern criminal proceedings.

United States Code (First Floor, Federal Section - KF 62 2012) - Available at

United States Code Annotated (Reference – KF 62.5 .W45) - Available on Westlaw (database identifier = USCA)

United States Code Service (First Floor – KF 62.5 .L49) - Available on Lexis (USCS)

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (First Floor – KF 9606.99 .D567 2016) - Available at
Finding Cases
Federal courts are often asked to interpret constitutional provisions and statutues relating to criminal procedure.  The tools below will aid your search for an on-point case.  After identifying a relevant case, you may use the pertinent headnote at the beginning of the case to locate additional cases.
West Topic and Key Numbers    
Topics and Westlaw Topic No.:
Criminal Law
Searches and Seizure
Sentencing and Punishment
Key Numbers:
Review 110, k1004–k1199
  Criminal Procedure, In General 349, k11–k100
  Sentencing Proceedings in General 350H, k200–k480
Other Case Law Finding Tools
Federal Rules Decisions Westlaw (FRD)
American Law Reports (ALR) Westlaw (Secondary Sources > American Law Reports
> American Law Reports Digest
Library Resources
Library Guide
Subject Heading: Criminal Procedure
Call Numbers: KF 9601 - 9760
American Jurisprudence (Criminal Law, vol. 21a; Search & Seizure, vol. 68)
Reference (KF 154 .A522); Westlaw (AMJUR)
Corpus Juris Secundum Westlaw (CJS)
General Treatments
Criminal Procedure, 5th ed. Law Reserve (2nd floor) – KF 9619 .L342 2009; Westlaw
Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Limitations
in a Nutshell
, 8th ed.
Law Reserve (2nd floor) – KF 9619.3 .I8 2014
Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell Law Reserve (2nd floor) – KF 9619.3 .C36 2016
Examples & Explanations for Criminal Procedure:
The Constitution and the Police
, 8th ed.
Law Reserve (2nd floor) – KF 9630 .A7 B56 2016; WK Online Study Aid Library
Major Treatises
Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment, 5th ed. Law Reserve (2nd floor) – KF 9630 .L26 2012; Westlaw
Orfield’s Criminal Procedure Under the Federal
Law Stacks (1st floor) – KF 9619 .O7 1985; Westlaw
Moore’s Federal Practice Law Stacks (1st floor) – KF 8820 .A313 M63; Lexis
Law Journal Articles
The Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure
Basement - K 7 .E6482 & Online (HeinOnline)
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
Basement - K 15 .H568 & Online (HeinOnline)
American Criminal Law Review
Basement - K 1 .M43 & Online (HeinOnline)
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