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PACER Help Guide
Public Access to Court Electronic Records. Please see reference librarian for assistance.
PAIS International
Covers global public policy and social issues including health, finance, education, technology, and the environment for the U.S. and abroad. Covers periodicals, books, hearings, reports, gray literature, government publications, Internet resources, and other publications from 120 countries. Coverage begins in 1972.
Parry Consolidated Treaties
Treaties concluded between 1648 and 1919, taken from The consolidated treaty series, edited and annotated by Clive Parry. OUP plans to add more treaties which were not in Parry's collection.
Points of View Reference Center
Points of View Reference Center is a full-text database designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. The database provides 250 topics, each with an overview (objective background/description), point (argument), counterpoint (opposing argument), and Critical Thinking Guide. The database also offers guides to debate, developing arguments, and writing position papers.
ProQuest Congressional

Comprehensive index to congressional publications, included full-text of congressional hearings and Congressional Research Service reports.

ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection

Congressional Research Service (CRS) report from 1916- and congressional committee prints from 1830- [formerly LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection]

ProQuest Congressional Serial Set

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Provides online access to historical contents of major newspapers, including: Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

ProQuest History Vault: Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century

ProQuest Indian Claims Insight
Includes: Pre-1948: claims presented to Congress and/or brought before the Court of Claims; 1948-1978: Indian Claims Commission, including briefs, docket books, decisions, expert testimony, oral transcripts; post-1978: Claims brought before the US Court of Claims (through 1982) and US Court of Federal Claims (through 2006); documents related to post-2006 settlement of claims; legislative histories and Congressional publications directly related to Indian claims, including Congressional publications indexed by docket numbers; important Supreme Court decisions; and maps.
ProQuest Legislative Insight
Legislative Insight offers access to US congressional publications associated with a law. Full-text publication types associated with a legislative history include the Public Law, all versions of enacted and related bills, Congressional Record excerpts, and committee hearings, reports, and documents. Other full-text publication types are included in our legislative histories to provide users with background material are committee prints, CRS reports, and miscellaneous congressional publications. Presidential signing statements are also included.
ProQuest Regulatory Insight
Regulatory Insight contains administrative law histories organized by public law, and provides functionality similar to the functionality found in Legislative Insight, to facilitate research.
ProQuest Statistical Insight
Search over 100,000 statistical tables produced by governments, academics and private firms.
ProQuest Supreme Court Insight
Supreme Court Insight, 1975-2016, is a complete online collection of full opinions from Supreme Court argued cases, including per decision, dockets, oral arguments, joint appendices and amicus briefs. Content associated with each case is compiled on a dynamic page organized to facilitate understanding of the judicial process, and is also retrievable on a document by document basis. This collection covers content through the 2016/2017 term. Harmonized subject indexing facilitates the ability of researchers to access specific cases and groups of cases. Organization indexing facilitates the ability of users to locate specific briefs or retrieve all briefs submitted by a single organization. Supreme Court Insight is a companion product to Legislative Insight and Regulatory Insight and has similar functionality designed to facilitate teaching and learning. It offers links from case-specific records to other ProQuest Congressional products, including Legislative Insight and Regulatory Insight, for entitled customers.
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Provides the full text of articles from 575 journals covering topics such as behavioral characteristics, psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods. Full text dates as far back as 1965.
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