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Office of Tribal Justice, U.S. Department of Justice

Oxford English Dictionary
The online Oxford English Dictionary is a work in progress. Hundreds of new entries are added every year. The online is the equivalent to the 3rd edition, which will not be issued in print.
Oxford Handbooks Online
The complete texts of the Oxford handbooks in Archaeology, Business and Management, Classical Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion online. Extensive links make the online handbooks easy to navigate making these valuable reference resources more easily discoverable, accessible and searchable. Contains 13,000+ in-depth essays by the world's leading scholars.
Oxford Historical Treaties - Parry Consolidated Treaties
Treaties concluded between 1648 and 1919, taken from The consolidated treaty series, edited and annotated by Clive Parry. OUP plans to add more treaties which were not in Parry's collection.
Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law
IHRL covers international decisions on human rights from a variety of global and regional courts. The Human Rights Law Centre at Nottingham University has selected those cases which are most important for gaining an understanding of the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. IHRL will provide a comprehensive coverage of the key issues determined by the European Commission and Court to date. Cases selected include all plenary and grand chamber judgments at the admissibility and merits stage of proceedings, as well as other decisions and judgments of significance for their contribution to the development of the case law of the European Convention. This module will include approximately 500 decisions from year 1961 to 2007, and thereafter 150 per year (out of 900-1000 decisions per year)
Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts
ILDC covers international law as applied in the domestic courts of around 70 jurisdictions. The geographical scope is intended to be as broad as possible; ILDC currently reports on countries from every continent in the world and continues to add new reporters and new jurisdictions.
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