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Making of Modern Law - Legal Treatises (1800-1926)
Fully searchable database of more than 21,000 Anglo-American legal works published from 1800-1926.
Making of Modern Law - Primary Sources (1620-1979)
Primary Sources Part I (1620-1926) contains more than 1,300 individual titles consisting of about 2,225 volumes sourced chiefly from the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale University, with additional materials provided by the Law Library of Congress. It comprises approximately 1.8 million pages spanning over 300 years of legal primary sources, such as early U.S. state codes, city charters, constitutional conventions and compilations, legal dictionaries, published records of the American Colonies.

Part II (1763-1979) extends into the second half of the twentieth century with more than 1.6 million newly scanned pages drawn from three libraries: the Harvard Law School Library, the Yale Law Library, and the Law Library of Congress. It includes United States codes, constitutional conventions and compilations, and municipal codes. It is fully cross-searchable with Primary Sources Part I.
Making of Modern Law - Trials (1600-1926)
Covers celebrated and historically important trials from America, the British Empire and the world through a wide variety of official vernacular literature, reports and ephemera. Comprised of over 10,000 titles and 2 million pages.
Mergent Online
This suite of global business and financial information products provides access to US and international company data, annual reports, and other investment research tools. Includes all Mergent manuals.
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