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Casemaker is a low-cost legal database, which includes cases, statutes, rules, forms, and other materials for members of bar associations that have joined the Casemaker Consortium, including the Colorado Bar Association.
If you are a member of one other 25 bar associations that have agreements with Casemaker, you have access at no cost. In other states, there are low-cost plans available for attorneys.
CCH Intelliconnect - Business Organizations Law & Capital Changes
The online version of Bromberg and Ribstein partnership treatises and Capital Changes .
Patron's registration required at website in order to access information.
Charters of Freedom
A website provided by the National Archives for the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Chronicle of Higher Education
Higher education news and issues.
Climate Wire
EnergyWire is designed to bring readers deep, broad and insightful coverage on the business and political issues surrounding the rapidly expanding unconventional energy industry in the United States and around the world.
Code of Colorado Regulations
The Secretary of State compiles and publishes the administrative rules of the executive agencies of the state of Colorado in the Code of Colorado Regulations. The official Code and Register published pursuant to § 24-4-103(11), C.R.S., can be accessed from this website.

Notices of rulemaking, proposed rules, new and amended rules, and Attorney General rules opinions are published monthly in the companion publication, the Colorado Register.

Code of Federal Regulations
Provided by Cornell's Legal Information Institute
Colorado Attorney General
The official website of the Colorado Attorney General's office.
Colorado Attorney General Opinions
The Attorney General provides opinions on the interpretation of Colorado law at the request of state officials and departments. These opinions were based on the law as it existed at the time the opinions were issued. They may have been superceded by changes in constitutional, statutory, or case law.
Colorado Bar Association
The mission of the Colorado Bar Association is to improve the quality of its members’ legal practices, to support and improve the justice system, and to support the community through voluntary and educational endeavors.
Colorado Court Forms
Official court forms for use in Colorado cases. Provided by the Colorado Judiciary.
Colorado Courts Self Help Center
From the Colorado State Judicial Branch Website. Provides access to court records, small claims filing, educational resources, forms and other documents and additional resources.
Colorado Department of Local Affairs
DOLA works in partnership with local governments and communities statewide to provide funding for projects and disaster recovery relief. It provides state and federal funding to private housing developers, housing authorities, and local governments to increase the inventory of affordable housing, and works diligently to help our state’s most vulnerable population to remove them from homelessness. DOLA also provides expertise through technical assistance programs to help with community planning, property taxation, and tax appeals.
Colorado Ethics Handbook Formal Ethics Opinions
Formal Ethics Opinions are issued for advisory purposes only and are not in any way binding on the Colorado Supreme Court, the Presiding Disciplinary Judge, the Attorney Regulation Committee, or the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel and do not provide protection against disciplinary actions.

Colorado Executive Orders
Executive orders issued by Colorado's governor.
Colorado General Assembly
The General Assembly includes two legislative bodies: the House of Representatives and the Senate. With careful deliberation that involves public hearings and, at times, vigorous debate, the two chambers enact new laws and revise or abolish existing laws; draft and approve the state government’s annual budget; and oversee the various state departments that deliver services to the people of Colorado.

This website includes the same searchable database that legislators use to find every bill introduced in the House or Senate over the last 15 years; other searchable databases for the Colorado Constitution and Colorado Revised Statutes, with laws dating back to the state’s founding in 1876; descriptions of the roles and activities of the legislative committees that scrutinize every bill; contact information for state legislators and maps of their districts; and information for visitors to the State Capitol in Denver.

Colorado Information Marketplace
The Colorado Information Marketplace website,, is a great place to start when you need any information on the State of Colorado and its programs. The Information Marketplace offers maps, datasets, charts, calendars, documents, files, and forms from all State agencies. You can visit the Information Marketplace to find resources on the Colorado floods; legislative information; maps of services as well as statistical and demographic maps; and much more. A list of the site's most popular resources includes maps of state services; links to education data (SchoolView); black bear-human conflict area datasets; population charts; a map of Colorado's county seats; and more.
Colorado Judicial Branch
Official website of the Colorado judiciary. Includes links to various state courts, judicial opinions, court dockets, forms, contact information and much more.

Colorado Lawyer
Website for the official bar journal of the Colorado Bar Association. Access is restricted to members of the Colorado Bar Association.

Colorado Legal Services
Colorado Legal Services is a non-profit corporation that has assisted persons with low income and seniors in the State of Colorado for over 85 years. The mission of Colorado Legal Services is to provide access to civil legal services to low-income persons and members of vulnerable populations throughout Colorado.
Colorado Legislative Council Research Publications
Searchable access to all Colorado Legislative Council Research Publications, legislation related to each publication, and information on performing legislative history research at the state and federal level.
Colorado Local Government Codes
From Municode.
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
The mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is to foster the responsible development of Colorado's oil and gas natural resources.
Colorado Register
The official publication of the state administrative rules. The companion publication to the Code of Colorado Regualtions.
Colorado Revised Statutes
The Colorado Revised Statutes made available for public use by the Committee on Legal Services of the Colorado General Assembly. Includes the United States Constitution.
Colorado Session Laws
“Colorado Session Laws” is a digital replica of the print Colorado Session Law volumes as published by the State of Colorado. All volumes were drawn from the William A. Wise Law Library’s collection and digitized with the permission of the State of Colorado.
Colorado State Agencies
List of Colorado state agencies, including contact information. Provided by the State of Colorado.
Colorado: Office of Administrative Courts

The Office of Administrative Courts (OAC) is Colorado's centralized administrative court system. Most States and the federal government have established similar specialized legal processes within the executive branch. This structure enables both agencies and citizens to have certain disputes resolved while avoiding the time and expense of litigation in district court. In 1976, the General Assembly created the Division of Administrative Hearings as a central panel of administrative law judges ("ALJs") to decide workers' compensation, human services, licensing and a variety of other cases. 

Colorado: Official State Web Portal
The official website portal to Colorado's state government.
Congress.Gov - United States Legislative Information is the official website for U.S. federal legislative information. The site provides access to accurate, timely, and complete legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public. It is presented by the Library of Congress (LOC) using data from the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, the Government Publishing Office, Congressional Budget Office, and the LOC's Congressional Research Service. is usually updated the morning after a session adjourns. Consult Coverage Dates for Legislative Information for the specific update schedules and start date for each collection. Congressional documents from the first 100 years of the U.S. Congress (1774-1875) can be accessed through A Century of Lawmaking.
Constitute: The World's Constitutions to Read, Search and Compare
Constitute offers access to the world’s constitutions that users can systematically compare them across a broad set of topics — using a modern, clean interface.
Corporate Law & Accountability Report
The Corporate Law Resource Center includes the full set of practitioner-authored portfolios from BBNA's Corporate Practice Series, comprehensive corporate legal news, full-text case law, two reference manuals, practice tools, federal statutes and regulations, and state corporate statutes and links to state forms.  Includes the Corporate Law & Accountability Report and Corporate Counsel Weekly as well as forms and other information.  
CQ Electronic Library
CQ Electronic Library features a wealth of information about Congress, lawmaking and policy issues. Full text of CQ Weekly is available.
CU Law Library Colorado Session Laws
“Colorado Session Laws” is a digital replica of the print Colorado Session Law volumes as published by the State of Colorado. All volumes were drawn from the William A. Wise Law Library’s collection and digitized with the permission of the State of Colorado.
Current Index to Legal Periodicals
Current awareness service for legal research. Provides subject indexing and listing of tables of contents for more than 570 law journals.
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